Varipro Passenger Airlock

Varipro passenger airlock

Personal airlock type PLS

An air lock for persons is required if the access of the clean room to prevent an associated undesirable change in state of the air conditions or the ingress of contamination.

The personal air lock from Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber is a complete ready-to-connect unit. Essentially, it consists of a lacquered housing (stainless steel) with safety glass entrance and exit doors, including spring-operated door closer. 

The following components are installed inside the sheet steel housing: 
- the single-suction, direct-drive fan made of galvanized sheet steel, 
- the fully wired switching and control unit 
- a HEPA filter, class H 14 

- pre-filter for filtering the circulating air flow  
- installation an ionization device

Our personal airlock works in the recirculation principle. A proximity switch switches on the fan. The air is sucked in on the floor via a grid and blown out via four nozzle lines. In addition, exhaust openings are still arranged on the lock ceiling. The operating time of the fan is limited by a time relay. The residence time within the lock is monitored and a possible underrun indicated by an acoustic signal.

The ionization device increases the effectiveness of the cleaning process and thereby shortens the required residence time in the lock to about 12 seconds.

Optionally, the airlock can be equipped with a lighting system. The optional installation of limit switches, magnetic clamps with retaining plates and the associated control allows an electric door lock.

The airlock is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller).

Technical data:
Air flow: 1500 m³ / h Motor 
power: 2,2 kW 
Voltage: 400 V / 3 Ph. / 50 Hz

Personal airlock type "misting shower"

for binding pharmaceutical dusts. 

The misting shower is a complete connection-ready unit consisting of a painted housing (option: stainless steel) with entrance and exit doors made of safety glass, including spring-operated door closers. The water connection is on the back.

In components provided for this purpose, the following components are installed within the housing:

- a fully wired switching and control unit with all the necessary elements in accordance with the functional description; 
- 16 vertically installed nozzles (4 per corner) available in different cross sections 
- an electrical locking system for the entrance and exit doors with limit switches, adhesive magnets and indicator lamps. 
- a pump to increase the water pressure (optional installation).

The personal air lock "misting shower" works as follows: 
After closing the front door, the nebulising process is started by means of a proximity switch. The spraying time is limited by a time relay. This has a setting range of 0 to 60 seconds. During the spraying period, the doors are closed by adhesive magnets. When the nebulisation process is completed, the unlocking of the exit door is indicated by an optical signal.

Optionally, the airlock can be equipped with a lighting system. This consists of 4 halogen spotlights (4 x 30 Watt / 12 V) with transformer and control. 

Technical data
Connection pressure for water: min. 4 bar

Material Hatch

consisting of a housing made of torsion-free, folded steel sheet with a thickness of 1.25 mm, painted in standard color RAL 9002 or according to customer requirements. Inside the lock is lined with stainless steel V2a.

Input and output side contain a door made of 6 mm thick safety glass with door handle and hinges. The doors are mechanically locked to prevent simultaneous opening of both doors.

As an accessory, an electrical interlock can be supplied with magnets, LED displays and sensor buttons. The control for the lock is housed in a control cabinet, which is mounted in the false ceiling. 

Width: 600 mm 
Height: 600 mm 
Length: 600 mm 

Other dimensions are available on request.