Varipro Mobile Laminar Flow Cabin

Varipro MFlow - Mobile Laminar Flow Cabin

Varipro MFlow, is a mobile stainless steel clean air cabin. It was developed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Main areas of application are areas in which hygienically processed products are processed, occasionally bottled or transported. Thanks to its mobile, modular and simple design, Varipro MFlow enables cost-effective and step-by-step entry into clean air technology in the production area.

The shelf life of many foods is determined by their microbiological status in the sales packaging. In the production of food and pharmaceuticals, compliance with microbiological quality criteria and / or the purity of the product influences all process steps. Frequently, products are subjected to undefined environmental conditions at several points in their manufacturing process. The lack of attention at these points then leads to avoidable product contamination.

Varipro MFlow produces a particle-free, laminar airflow from the ceiling to the floor under its air outlet elements equipped with sterile filters (directed air flow without vortex). Processes that take place under Varipro MFlow are largely shielded from the outside environment and characterized by the reproducible conditions in the working area of ​​Varipro MFlow.