Cleanroom Walls


Cleanroom wall construction

The standard wall panel elements have a total wall thickness of 60 mm. The outer shells are made of galvanized sheet steel, the visible surfaces are coated in the colors RAL 9002, 9010 or 9016 (other wall thicknesses, colors, materials and surfaces are available at extra cost, eg stainless steel).

As a core material, three versions are available as standard:

  • Synthetic resin-bonded, non-rupturable stone fiber mats with standing fibers, with outstanding heat and sound insulation values, non-flammable acc. DIN 4102 / A1.
  • Aluminum honeycomb construction made of specially treated, extra hard, 60μ thick foil made of aluminum alloy.
  • Polystyrene, weight 30 kg / m³, fireproof acc. DIN 4102 / B1, chemically and biologically neutral, CFC- and HCFC-free.

The outer shells are glued to the core material over the entire surface. The wall panels are self-supporting and require no further static elements up to a ceiling height of 4 m. The standard panel width is 1140 mm. On both sides cavities for installations are provided in the wall panels. The wall elements can be individually de- and remounted.

Floor and ceiling connection

The windows consist of two 5 mm thick safety glass panes, which are inserted in an aluminum profile frame. The glass panes are glued flush into the frame construction and sealed. With adhesive strips in a wide range of colors, the frame optics can be designed accordingly.   

For rooms without pharmaceutical requirements cheaper, mounted aluminum profile frames are offered. 


The door frames used are made of a powder-coated aluminum profile. The construction of the door leaves is identical to those of the wall panels, as are the standard colors are the same. The door leaves are available with any size of glazing, regardless of frame width. 
Single-leaf door - standard width: 1140 mm 
Double-leaf door - standard width: 2280 mm 
Standard height: 2100 mm  
As we only produce on a project-specific basis, other dimensions are generally available. The make of fittings is specified in the project. 

Standard accessories: 
Fittings - Hewi brand, retractable door seals - Make: Fa. Hahn  
Mechanical door closers - Make: Dorma or Geze, panic bar handle - Make: Fa. BKS 
Electric door operator - Make: Dorma or Geze, including special covers from our own production for the pharmaceutical application.

Our standard doors for pharmaceutical projects are generally supplied with fully integrated door hinges and mechanical door closers.

Sliding doors / high-speed doors 
All brand-name products can be integrated into our wall system. 

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber builds sliding doors with pneumatic drive that are completely integrated into the wall. [see products - VARIGO]


are available in different versions, single or double switchable, front panel brushed in stainless steel or coated in sheet steel. 
Flush mounting in wall panel or mounted on the wall 

Escape route signs / lighting
with plastic frame and Plexiglas cover. 
Flush-mounted in the wall or mounted on the wall Bushings 

for media

made of stainless steel or aluminum, for single-wall or double-shell wall. Constructions for single pipe feedthrough or as media panel for the implementation of pipe groups are available. 

protection elements
Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber offers various possibilities of ramming protection. These can be simply wall-mounted or door-mounted stainless steel plates (kickplates), continuous plastic or stainless steel bumper strips, or stainless steel tubes mounted on the wall or floor. 

The integration of production machines is possible at any time. Important is the timely coordination with the manufacturers, which should already start at the time of the system definition for the wall system. 

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber has many design details for the installation of equipment, but also for supply and exhaust air openings with or without HEPA filters, HMI panels, fire extinguishers etc.

Glass Walls

The clean room wall in glass design meets high optical and technical requirements. The entire construction is stable, self-supporting and torsion-resistant. It consists of a base made of stainless steel, toughened safety glass (ESG) and ceiling mounting. 
Inside the base, electrical installations can be laid and sockets placed anywhere. 
The floor profile also acts as a piling protection according to construction and material. In special areas, where heavier material is moved, an additional galvanized steel piling (stainless steel cladding) can be installed.

SHELMEQ® takes over the coordination and the responsibility for the professional installation of feedthroughs and installations. All components are displayed as part of the execution planning in the wall views. The plans are from the participating companies of the trades, z. B. WFI, demineralised water, vacuum, compressed air, gases, etc., as well as the equipment suppliers sign off.