Air Conditioning Technology


Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber plans, builds and qualifies complete air conditioning systems according to the individual wishes and needs of the client. 

Great emphasis is placed on the efficient use of energy and energy recovery, taking into account the greatest possible profitability. In addition, adhering to MAK limit values ​​and comfort conditions is just as important to us as the observance of production parameters with regard to temperature, humidity, purity class and pressure.

We deliver turnkey systems from the air passage in the room, over the air distribution and treatment up to the exhaust air purification. Depending on the requirements, the room air is filtered, heated, cooled, dehumidified, dried and / or humidified. 
Our scope of services also includes the peripherals required for these functions, such as refrigeration and distribution, heat generation and distribution, complete measurement and control technology, including cabling.

Afterwards, the systems will be commissioned by us, the function will be checked and documented. The accompanying qualification and validation is based on the requirements of our customers and extends to the GMP qualification for sterile pharmaceutical productions.

Of course, we are also after the transfer of the finished system your competent contact for maintenance, conversions and extensions.