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The term SHELMEQ® defines the core business of Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber as a plant manufacturer

Planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of the following partial services are part of SHELMEQ®:

A. The cleanroom envelope (Clean Room SH ell)

B. Electrical Engineering (EL ectrical Works)

C. Mechanical and Air Conditioning (ME chanical Works)

D. Qualification (Q ualification)


The task of SHELMEQ® Cleanroom technology is to ensure the room conditions required for the product or process.

SHELMEQ® Cleanroom technology assumes responsibility for compliance with guaranteed values ​​such as room temperature, room humidity, purity class, pressure regime and illuminance. In order to keep this responsibility in one hand, the performance package of SHELMEQ® Reinraumtechnik has to be defined exactly and the interfaces to the other trades have to be determined in such a way that the clear responsibility can be derived from it.

With SHELMEQ® company to the optimum result

If the scope of a project is defined and implemented in accordance with points A to D, then the user can expect an optimal technical and economic result with regard to its cleanroom production environment. Suppliers of SHELMEQ® - Cleanroom technology have their core competence in air and climate technology plant construction, have global knowledge in the process technology of the user and have experience in planning and execution. In addition, they have their own production of important components and components of the clean room envelope and can thus quickly and competently respond to and respond to customer requests.

Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber plans, supplies, installs and qualifies 
SHELMEQ® cleanroom technology