Gorilla Grid

Ceiling Solutions For Your Critical Environment
Superior Quality, Unparalleled Flexibility

* Semiconductor
* Research Laboratories
* Microelectronic
* Food & Beverage Processing
* Medical Device
* Hospital/Healthcare
* Aerospace
* Data Centers
* Test Chambers
* Dry Rooms
* Nano-Technology
* Service Mezzanines
* Architectural Facades
* Walkable Ceiling & Floors

In this complicated, fast paced world where time is money it’s important to utilize intelligent products that offer consistent savings and lower installation costs. The series 2000 ceiling system featuring Gorilla Grid offers an innovative system to provide cost effective solutions for the proper maintenance of equipment and facility services. This system can be used for both non-walkable and walkable ceiling system applications. Our patented Gorilla Grid provides the structural integrity required of a truly walkable ceiling grid system while minimizing the hanger rod supports needed during installation. It offers unparalleled flexibility and is reconfigurable and infinitely adjustable. Gorilla grid can be supported at any point, not just at junctions minimizing design and installation time. Since the grid members can be supported at any point it is unnecessary for the secondary support structure to have coincident load points at grid junctions. The Series 2000 ceiling system is perfect for diverse applications including semiconductor, microelectronics, aerospace, food service, food processing, data centers, architectural facades, hospital industries, and so much more. Gorilla Grid is designed with a 2" face tee to support terminal devices, fan filter units, HEPA filter systems, light fixtures, cable trays, process equipment and other loads. Installation is simplified with factory installed interconnecting hardware. The series 2000 ceiling system provides end users and owners with the ability to utilize the area above the ceiling for mechanical services or walk-on capabilities for maintenance access. The use of walkable ceilings for access can minimize the need for catwalks above the room areas, reducing steel costs and installation time. The use of catwalks can then be limited to areas where equipment access is needed for maintenance or replacement of larger pieces of equipment such as AHU motors and heat exchangers. The series 2000 system is so versatile that it can also be used as a raised floor solution.



· Provides the necessary structural integrity required of a weight bearing or walkable ceiling grid system
· Strongest ceiling grid system on the market
· Stronger extrusion and mating design means you need less hanger rods
· Grid members are self squaring
· Can be installed at any center distance with proper factory engineering support
· Completely configurable and infinitely adjustable
· Easy to box out ceiling penetrations of any size
· Non-progressive construction
· Leveled by turnbuckle 3/8" diameter threaded rod not by hanging wire. (Options for 1/2" & 5/8" rods available upon request)
· 50% less installation time equals BIG $ SAVINGS
· Cross T's can mount anywhere on the main line
· Hangers mount anywhere including on the Cross T's
· A fraction of the hangers compared to competition saves time in installation
· Little to no additional support strut needed
· Extremely short learning curve, installing contractor or owners can hang 700 square feet/man day or more
· Factory gasketed (when applicable)
· Includes everything up to the turnbuckle
· Can be used to support process equipment (MEP), cable trays and other room side apparatus
· Diverse selection of walkable and non-walkable ceiling panels for all functional and architectural needs
· High efficient LED Lights for integration into ceiling grid system
· Filters - HEPA, ULPA, carbon or other as specified.. HEPA terminals, Fan Filter Units, terminal devices, diffusers, and lights easily integrate into grid
· Sprinklers easily integrated into ceiling system or FM approved heads for direct grid install
· Compatible with most ceiling mounted Material Handling Systems (MHS)
· Hermetically sealed utility interface panels
· Can provide any interface required
· Seismic solutions unique to the industry

Use the Series 2000 components to build your own solutions.


Most non-walkable applications are typically constructed using 2045 mains and 2035 cross tees in a nominal 4 foot by 4 foot grid matrix then, hung on 4 foot x 8 foot centers with 3 mm laminated aluminum tiles.

For walkable areas and larger load capacities 2055 mains and 2045 cross tees are implemented with walkable ceiling panels. Various styles of walkable ceiling panel are available.

Consult factory for Grid selection support for your specific applications

FEA analysis, load and deflection specifications available


Grid - Aluminum 6061-T6 or equal
Bright White Powder coated finish or custom color (Anodized available also)
Connectors Cross to main - Aluminum 6061-T6 or equal
Connectors Splice, main to main - Aluminum 6061-T6 or equal
Hanger insert Non-progressive - Aluminum 6061-T6 or equal
Mounting Hardware 3/8” standard (Optional 1/2’ & 5/8”)
Grid Face 2 inches
Main Tees 200 inches
Wall Profile 200 inches
Cross Tees factory fabricated to meet specified center distance
3rd party accredited lab test results available upon request


Grid shall be supported at the center distances shown on the drawings. The mounting hardware consisting of 3/8 inch LH/RH turnbuckles with 4 inch adjustment, and 9 inch threaded starter rod connecting from the bottom of the turnbuckle to the grid mounting point. The grid accommodates field change of mounting location without modification or requirement of additional grid components.



The main grid is fabricated in 200” lengths (16’8”) and the grid connects to itself with surface mounted splice plates.
The grid should be installed with a splice plate on both sides of the grid profile.
The splice plate slides into the grid profile and is locked into position with flush set screws.


For non-walkable applications a 3mm Aluminum double sided laminated ceiling tile is typical.

For walkable applications a 1 inch Aluminum double sided laminated ceiling tile is typical.

Standard color is Bright White.

Special applications, sizes, material types, and custom colors are available.


For non-walkable applications a 3mm Aluminum double sided laminated ceiling tile is typical.

For walkable applications a 1 inch Aluminum double sided laminated ceiling tile is typical.

Standard color is Bright White.

Special applications, sizes, material types, and custom colors are available.

FM approved integrated Sprinkler Connection

When applicable the sprinkler heads are designed to be installed in the cross tee.

For flexible heads, the units are shipped as an assembly.

The sprinkler head includes a welded bracket.

Flex lines are 3’ to 7’.

Seismic Restraints

When seismic requirements need to be considered the ceiling grid system can be isolated at each column with a hydraulic isolation system.

Powder coated steel brackets are fastened to the grid profiles and hold four hydraulic seismic isolation dampers.

These will allow the grid system to be isolated and float in a seismic event, and absorb seismic energy. Conventional guy wire restraints are also available.



Hold down clips for ceiling panels, lights and fixtures
Custom gasket materials
Room side hangers