The X-CUBE CROFCU is a compact ventilation unit that ensures and maintains the essential conditions for all classes of clean rooms. The secondary unit for use with centralized ventilation and air conditioning systems is typically installed in false ceilings. It dissipates high thermal loads and requires only a low fresh air volume flow. The primary air system (patent pending) allows for the direct removal of exhaust air while fresh air is supplied to the room.

  • Dissipation of high thermal loads
  • Addition of fresh air as required from 50 m3/h to 2000 m3/h (29 to 1177 CFM)
  • Maintenance of room pressure by integral volume flow rate control
  • Suitable for all clean room concepts
  • Suitable for all classes of clean rooms (ISO 14644-1) when combined with particulate filters
  • Chilled water cooling coil system with room temperature control
  • Variable recirculated air volume flow rates of up to 6000 m³/h (3531 CFM)
  • Increased flexibility if several units are connected
  • Energy-efficient plug fan with EC motor
  • Monitoring of filters downstream
  • Space-saving due to smaller ducts
  • Simple and quick commissioning due to plug and play